Lower Presidio Historic Park School Tours

Studying California History? While visiting Monterey’s historic sites, make a stop at the Lower Presidio Historic Park.

Old Monterey Foundation invites teachers and students to take a step back in time! Bring your class for a very special visit to the Lower Presidio Historic Park, the most historically significant site on the West Coast. In addition to its rich history, the park features breathtaking views of the Monterey Bay, provides a perfect place to
picnic, and includes ADA accessible trails. The park is walkable from downtown Monterey and Colton Hall wotj ample parking for buses.

Historic Walking Tour & Museum
During your visit, Old Monterey Foundation can host a short walking tour and presentation by local Historian Tim Thomas including a visit to the adjacent Presidio of Monterey Museum.

Schedule a Visit
Call Wendy Brickman: (831) 633-4444
Email: brickman@brickmanmarketing.com



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