Ride the Free MST Trolley to Lower Presidio Historic Park

Locals and visitors can park their car at their hotel or in the City Garage and conveniently ride the free MST Trolley throughout Monterey! To easily reach the Lower Presidio Historic Park, exit the MST Trolley at the First Theater stop on Pacific Street and Scott Street. Walk along Pacific Street about a block to the end of Pacific where it forks. Take the left fork, and then turn left onto Artillery Road at the Park’s monument sign. Turn right on Corporal Ewing Road about halfway up the hill and follow it a short way to the Presidio of Monterey Museum in the center of the Park. Enjoy all our new interpretive signs, ADA accessible pathways, benches and tables and a gorgeous view. You can also visit the fascinating Presidio of Monterey Museum and walk up the hill on our ADA path to the beautiful Sloat Monument. Why not bring a picnic lunch and dine at this beautiful park, too!

Trolley map and schedule.