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In Memory of BIll McCrone

(December 28, 1946 – February 7, 2021)

“It is with great regret that the Old Monterey Foundation must acknowledge the passing of a truly great and committed Monterey citizen, Willard (Bill) McCrone.  Bill was involved in many civic and charitable organizations, too many to mention, providing his unique perspectives. Bill was a long time member of the City’s Park and Recreation Commission as well as the Planning Commission.  As a Planning Commissioner, he became aware of the Master Plan for the Lower Presidio Historic Park. 

When Bill became a member of the Old Monterey Foundation, he became the driving force on developing this beautiful scenic park in accordance with the Master Plan.  He worked with Frank Sollecito, Ellen Martin and others on getting funding from the Neighborhood Improvement Program, the Community Foundation and a host of other groups for the physical improvements.  The beautiful sign on Pacific Street, the replacement of the chain link fence with the wooden fence, the many historic signs, the 2 scenic trails, the informational kiosk sign, the picnic tables-these all came about due to Bill’s relentless passion for the development of this historic park for the benefit of residents and tourists.

He worked tirelessly with the City, the Army, the Native American groups and the two adjacent neighborhoods-Old Town and New Monterey-to make sure all the improvements met the requirements of the public agencies and would benefit visitors for years to come.
The beautiful park we have today is primarily due to Bill.”

Bill Wojtkowski, Old Monterey Foundation

View the Monterey Herald online memorial for Willard P. (Bill) McCrone

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