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Ohlone/Costanoan-Esselen Nation Supports LPHP

As Chairman of the Lower Presidio Historic Park Committee for the Old Monterey Foundation, I was invited to attend the Annual Gathering of the Ohlone/Costanoan-Esselen Nation (OCEN) on August 12 at the Park. The City permits this group (and only this group) to camp out at the Park for this four-day event, which is held annually. About 150 members (out of an estimated 600) were in attendance, some in traditional tribal garb, and that Saturday was the focal event of the Gathering, with tri-tip barbecue and a feast at 2 pm.

I expected to simply sit at a table to pass out brochures about our Phase I Plan for the LPHP, but Louise Miranda Ramirez, Tribal Chairwoman of OCEN, introduced me to the Gathering and invited me to speak. I described our Plan and solicited questions and comments in about a 30 minute presentation. The OCEN considers the Lower Presidio to be sacred ancestral land and the comments I received were of concern that we treat the land with due respect. I described our designs for trails and signs that would not penetrate the earth or in any way disturb the evidence from the past 10,000 years which is buried in the ground at LPHP.

I am pleased to report that the response from the members was positive and supportive of our efforts. We also talked about celebrating our local Native Americans at a festival to be sponsored by OMF sometime next year. It is unfortunate that our local tribes are not better known among the citizens of Monterey and Monterey County, but hopefully the work of the Old Monterey Foundation will begin to rectify that situation. They were here long before European explorers arrived and deserve proper historic recognition in our community.

I was also struck by the strong sense of injustice the members feel about not being among the federally recognized tribes in California. They were once so recognized, beginning in 1883 as the San Carlos Band of Mission Indians, and later as the Monterey Band of Monterey County. The discovery in 1905 that 18 treaties between California Indians and the U.S. had never been ratified by the U.S. Senate, led to the Monterey Band being formally recognized in 1906. Unfortunately, the Monterey Band and OCEN were erroneously dropped from the list of federally recognized tribes in 1923. Compared to many other California tribes who ere compensated with land grants from the Federal Government, OCEN has only been offered the paltry sum of less than $1,000 for the loss of many million acres of land to American settlers. This injustice is still paramount in the minds of members of OCEN.

I was followed in my talk by Col. Laurence Brown, Commandant of the Presidio, and then by Senator Bill Monning. Although the day was a bit chilly and overcast, a good time was had by all.
For more information about OCEN, go to .


The Old Monterey Foundation is pleased to announce that the Marcia F. Devoe  lecture series will resume on June 16, and continue with four lectures through September 2016.   Thanks to the generous assistance of the Marcia Devoe Fund of the Community Foundation, the series will again be free of admission charge.  This year  the first three lectures will focus on local history, before turning to art in the final lecture in September.

Details of the first three lectures are as follows:





Old Monterey Foundation, Padre Trails Camera Club and Myrick Photographic recently teamed up to hold a special Lower Presidio Historic Park Photo Contest. Dozens of outstanding entries depicting various scenes in the Lower Presidio Historic Park were submitted and judged by Stephen Myrick, owner of Myrick Photographic and Liza Linsao of the City of Monterey and owner of Liza Linsao Photography.

  The photos were judged by the basic elements of a good photographic image, composition, exposure, subject interest, sharpness, and creativity.

Thanks to all photographers who participated, and for sharing their photographs with the Old Monterey Foundation.

 The winners include:

 Lower Presidio Historic Park - Monterey, CA1st                                            1st place       Christopher Axe              

Sunrise at the Park2nd               2nd place         Carol Silveira    “Sunrise at the Park”                 

Brute Bud3rd      3rd Place                  Benjamin Steel             “Brute Bud”

Honorable Mentions:


Chris Johnson     (3 images)

sloat monument 3
sloat monument 3


Christopher Axe                                                    Carol Silveira                    

The first place winner received a 12×18 canvas gallery wrap of their winning image donated by Myrick Photographic and a “Friends of the Lower Presidio” membership ($100 value) donated by Old Monterey Foundation. The second and third place winners received a $25 gift certificate from Myrick Photographic and a “Friends of the Lower Presidio” membership ($100 value). There were also $20 cash prizes each for participants whose images receive Honorable Mentions that were provided by Padre Trails Camera Club. For any questions, call (831) 633-4444 or email Continue reading PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS ANNOUNCED


The Old Monterey Foundation is pleased to announce that Estéban Restaurant at Historic Casa Munras Garden Hotel & Spa is celebrating Monterey’s 246th Birthday and benefiting Old Monterey Foundation. Dine at the outstanding Esteban Restaurant on Friday, June 3rd between 5 pm – 10 pm and 10% of the food sales will go toward Old Monterey Foundation! .

Casa Munras Garden Hotel & SpaIn honor of Monterey’s 246th Birthday, Estéban Restaurant located at historic Casa Munras Garden Hotel & Spa will be donating 10% of all food sales to the Old Monterey Foundation. Founded with the mission to promote, support, and enhance the artistic, cultural, and historic environment of historic Downtown Monterey, the Old Monterey Foundation along with Casa Munras Garden Hotel & Spa both encompass an affinity for maintaining, protecting, and sharing the deep-rooted history of Monterey.

From its founding on June 3, 1770 Monterey’s Spanish heritage can be experienced today through the diverse architectural styles found throughout historic Downtown Monterey. Casa Munras originally constructed in 1824 by Spanish Diplomat Don Estéban Munras continues to pay homage to its roots by preserving the history of the Munras family and the original residence constructed with handmade 32-inch adobe bricks. A portion of the original structure is still standing, encompassed in the walls of the Marbella Meeting Room.

Estéban Restaurant located at historic Casa Munras Garden Hotel & Spa is the heart of authentic Monterey dining, offering a unique culinary experience. Serving traditional Spanish-inspired cuisine with a pinch of adventure, Estéban Restaurant invites you to sip, savor, and share by the warmth of the fireplace or in the relaxing outdoor patio.  In the process, your entertainment dollars will help to fund the operations of Old Monterey Foundation and the development of the Lower Presidio Historic Park.

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Old Monterey Foundation Continues Monthly “Lower Presidio Historic Park Walking Tours” on Saturday, May 21 2016 with a focus on the infamous Hipolite Bouchard.

Old Monterey Foundation continues to team up with noted Monterey Bay historian and author, Tim Thomas, who offers the fascinating “Lower Presidio Historic Park Walking Tours” on the third Saturday of every month from 10:00 AM – Noon.

Tim Thomas photo2The next Lower Presidio Historic Park Walking tour will be held on Saturday, May 21, 2016:  “Lower Presidio Historic Park Walking Tour: Focus on the infamous Hipolite Bouchard.” In addition to other interesting history of the Park described as “The Most Significant Historic Site on the West Coast”, Thomas will discuss Argentinian Hipolite Bouchard’s raid in 1818 when he attacked and sacked the City of Monterey, which is the only land and sea battle ever to occur on the West Coast of the United States.

Bouchard (15 January 1780 – 4 January 1837), was a French Argentine sailor and privateer who fought for France, Argentina, Chile, and Peru. His first action was as a lieutenant for the Napoleonic Navy against Admiral Nelson at the Battle of the Nile. Emmigrating to Argentina after Napoleon’s exile, he fought first as a soldier for his adopted country for San Martin in the battle to free Chile from Spanish rule. During his first campaign as an Argentine privateer, he attacked the Spanish colonies of Chile and Peru, under the command of the Irish-Argentine Admiral William Brown.

He next took command of the captured frigate, La Argentina and became the first Argentine to circumnavigate the world. During his voyage around the globe he blockaded the port of Manila. In Hawaii, he recovered an Argentine privateer which had been seized by mutineers. He met the local ruler, King Kamehameha I, and recruited many Hawaiian natives as sailors for his fleet. His forces then attacked the Spanish ciudad of Monterey, California, raised the Argentine flag and held the town for six days. After burning Monterey, he feinted at Santa Barbara and then plundered Mission San Juan Capistrano in Southern California. Toward the end of the voyage Bouchard raided Spanish ports in Central America. His second homeland remembers him as a hero and patriot, the South American equivalent of our John Paul Jones; several places in Buenas Aires are named in his honor.

Tours meet in front of the City of Monterey’s Presidio of Monterey Museum, 113 Corporal Ewing, Building #113. From Monterey, take Pacific Street past the Monterey Conference Center and the First Theater to the end of Pacific where it forks, take the left fork;, turn left onto Artillery Road, turn right on Corporal Ewing Road and follow it a short way to the Presidio of Monterey Museum in the center of the Park against the hill; from Pacific Grove, take Lighthouse Avenue in New Monterey, bear right to go onto Pacific Street and then go to Artillery Road, turn right, and then turn right on Corporal Ewing Road and follow it to the Presidio of Monterey Museum. (Map/Directions:

Advance reservations are required by calling Tim Thomas at (831) 521-3304 or via email  The tour is for ages 10-adult only and the cost is $20 for adults and kids are $15 (10-15 years).  Group rates are also available


Eddison & Melrose Tea Room, located at 25 Soledad Drive in Monterey, will be hosting a special Birthday event will to be held on Wednesday, May 4th from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. celebrating the actual birthdate of Audrey Hepburn with a fun-filled Breakfast at Tiffany’s Open House Event. Guests are encouraged to wear their favorite black dress & bling! Prepaid reservations are $25.00 per person. $5.00 of the ticket amount will be donated to the Old Monterey Foundation (a 501(c)3 non-profit – see details below). Complimentary Champagne will be served at the event along with High Tea fare and a showcase of new teas that will be carried at the Eddion & Melrose Tea Room.

For a prepaid reservation, mail a check to Eddision & Melrose, 25 Soledad, Monterey, CA 93940 or call (831)393-9479 or email For more information about Eddision & Melrose, go to

About Old Monterey Foundation

Old Monterey Foundation was formed in 2011 with the specific mission and purpose of promoting, supporting and enhancing the artistic, cultural and historic environment of historic Downtown Monterey, California. One of their major projects is the enhancement and development of the Lower Presidio Historic Park, described as “One of the Most Historic Sites on the West Coast” and “One of the Most Beautiful Views Places in Monterey” to be enjoyed by locals and visitors. Old Monterey Foundation, in cooperation with the City of Monterey and Department of the Army, has raised initial funds to begin Phase One of the project to enhance and restore this historic 25.3-acre site and is now seeking public donations to help complete Phase One of the $850,000 project through donations to its “Friends of the Lower Presidio” campaign. They are also raising funds to restore the historic Father Serra statue with additional security. Donations may be made at by following the instructions for donors.

The Lower Presidio Historic Park is one of the least-visited historic parks in the area due to some confusion about whether the public is allowed in the area. Situated in a “hidden in plain sight” location, the park features spectacular views of the Monterey Bay and Harbor and will become a jewel of the City of Monterey’s park system. Old Monterey Foundation recently launched monthly “Lower Presidio Historic Park Walking Tours” on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 10:00 a.m. – Noon with historian Tim Thomas. It is holding a “Lower Presidio Historic Park Photo Contest” throughout the month of April. Details are on

With the help of donations and grants, Phase One of the project will give the Lower Presidio Historic Park the look and feel of an historic public park, including improved way-finding and identification entry signs to assist the public in accessing the site and highlighting several of the important historic periods at the Presidio; development of pathways, benches and interpretive signs and monuments on the site; replacement of the old cyclone perimeter fence with a wood-appearing historically accurate fence, minimal branch/tree removal where necessary to assure views of the Monterey Harbor and restore it to the way it was seen historically; and development of an ADA approved path leading to the Sloat Monument, the highest point of the site.

For more information, go to or call 831-521-2313.

 About Eddison & Melrose

Karen Anne Murray of Eddison & Melrose Tea Room, Catering & Granola has provided catering, personal chef services and her award winning Karen Anne’s Granola to the Monterey Peninsula for over a decade. Karen Murray Eddison & Melrose (2)xThe Tea Room serves both Afternoon and High Tea (by advance reservation) and has become a favorite for locals and tea travelers who enjoy English born and raised Chef Karen Anne’s traditional scones and teatime fare. Karen Anne Murray of Eddison & Melrose Tea Room, Catering & Granola has provided catering, personal chef services and her award winning Karen Anne’s Granola to the Monterey Peninsula for over a decade.

Karen Anne’s Granola is currently sold at the Eddison & Melrose Tea Room, Whole Foods, Grove Market, Cornucopia, Nielsen Brothers, Brunos, Star Market and numerous California specialty grocery stores. There are currently five delicious flavors available with more on the way: Almond Pecan, Cranberry, Cranberry Harvest, Golden Walnut and Coconut Orange.


Pilates Party a Success

April 2 turned out to be a bright, sunny day at the Lower Presidio Historic Park and the Pilates Party with Bagpipes, Fusion and Serra was a great success.  An estimated 80 people attended during the 2 hour event and the order of the day was enthusiasm for development of the Park and its recreational opportunities.

PILATES MONTEREY was the main attraction with a display of new equipment and classes for beginners and seasoned players.

Spread out on mattes and tarps on the knoll overlooking the Monterey Harbor, participants were challenged by expert instructors to stretch their limits in three sessions spread over the two hour event.

Master Bagpiper MICHEL d’AVENAS entertained those in attendance, together with passerbys on the Recreation Trail, with traditional Scottish music and a virtuoso performance.  Refreshments were provided by FUSION, with its unique blend of Asian healthy food for sale.


And there were plenty of visitors in attendance just to see what was going on at the Lower Presidio Historic Park.  Board members of the Old Monterey Foundation manned an informational table to explain plans and prospects for the Park.

Several interested citizens purchased memberships in the Friends of Lower Presidio, making this a most worthwhile day on our calendar.