mc-gives_logo_2015-2The Old Monterey Foundation is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of 144 non-profit organizations to participate in the annual Monterey County Gives! charitable fundraiser conducted by The Monterey County Weekly.  Last year, MCGives! raised more than $1.3 million for charity and the goal this year is $2 million.

The essence of MC Gives! is to give worthy non-profits exposure and a platform to raise money for a “Big Idea.”  Our Big Idea is the implementation of the Lower Presidio Historic Park according to the 2002 Master Plan, which will turn a largely unknown Park into the popular recreational attraction it should be.  When we have completed Phase I of the implementation, the Park will look like and feel like a historic park to used by residents and visitors alike in the heart of downtown Monterey.

Contributions made to MC Gives!, designated for the benefit of OMF will come to us for use only on the Lower Presidio Historic Park.  If the donation is made as a “challenge grant,” MC Gives! will add some amount from the challenge grant fund of $325,000 to our gift, depending on how much we raise in the total fundraiser.  So the more you give, the more we will receive as your contribution will be leveraged.

$925.00 has been donated as a challenge grant to OMF, as of November 24.  To donate, please go to the Monterey County Gives! website:

Hit the “Donate” button and you will receive instructions as to how you can make your donation by credit card, PayPal, or by check.  Be sure to designate the beneficiary as Old Monterey Foundation and the Lower Presidio Historic Park.